2010 July 4 – Big Es opening to USA

2010 July 4 – Starting 16:15z IT9TYR logged W1FV, W1JJ, NN1N, W3EP, WW2DX, K2AXX, K1NA, NW0W, K2PL, KD7YZ , W3JO, N8RR, K4WZ, K3VAT, K4QL, W2SM, K5UR, K3FN, K4UI, KC8UHE, K8MFO, WB9Z, KS7DX, AC4TO, WA8WV, WZ9B, K3LO, K8WK, N4RA, K4RV, N3DG, W2TDZ, N3DB, NZ3M.

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