Category: 6m Dx

Asia day

07 June 2020 IT9TYR logged on 6m some Dx from AsiaA61DD (LL85), VU2ATN (ML88) , VU2NKS (MK69) , VU2CPL (MK83) , YB5QZ (OJ00)

California on 6m

05 June 2020West Coast into JM78 – worked W6UC from DM05 and N6WS from grid CM95 – Hrd W6TOD and many others W6/W7

4S7 Sri Lanka on 6m

04 June 2020 IT9TYR logged on 6m FT8 mode4S7AB 09:05z from grid NJ074S7VG 08:56z from grid MJ96

6m USA opening – Minnesota blasting

31 May 2020 – Great 6m opening – Big signals from Minnesota stationsIT9TYR worked :14:03z N5WS from grid EL09 – Texas14:51z K0SR from grid EN34 – Minnesota14:54z K9MU from grid EN44 – Wisconsin15:01z W0VTT...

California on 6m

23 July 2018 starting 12:19z IT9TYR worked in 6m FT8 mode from JM78K3OO, VY2ZM ( Prince Edward Island – Grid : FN86) , K4SV , KK4CB (VA Grid : FM07) , N5DG (TX –...

XE2JS Mexico on 6m

14/07/2018 starting 13:27:00 IT9TYR logged on 6m FT8 mode W4AS, NN4X – N4TB 15:34:15z logged XE2JS from DL68